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Every Laubwerk 3D tree is created by modeling experts and botanical specialists who ensure that each tree looks great, without requiring overly-complex controls or slow rendering times. Initially the fruits are green, when ripe they are a brownish colour. Installation Instructions Our aim is to make the installation process as easy as possible for you.

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Perennial leguminous and deciduous shrub with whippy rod-like dark green stems. The crown shape can be asymmetrical, conical or broadly ovoid.

All products or brand pkants mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Popular ornamental tree, extensively planted in parks and gardens in hot dry areas. Laubwerk SDK The software library that is at the heart of all our products can be integrated into your project or product as well.

A large tree with dark green foliage and a broad round crown. Choose the shape, age, season and detail of each tree. Click "Read more" to get more information about our privacy policy.

Shrubs are not hardy but containers can be placed outdoors during the summer in temperate regions creating a Mediterranean feel. Additional render nodes are free of charge Tree Species and Configurations Highly useful trees from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific, with just the right amount of control for each tree.

Laubwerk sets new technical and quality standards with authentic-looking plants that require minimal time and effort while offering maximum detail and control.

Laubwerk - Plants Kit 12 for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, V-Ray

Keep your Plants Kit up-to-date! Native plxnts rainforests from southeastern Mexico to northern Guatemala. Create Account Sign In. With drag-and-drop simplicity, and easy-to-use tools that modify the shape, age, season and level of detail for laubqerk of Laubwerk's stunning 3D plants, users can seamlessly add 3D trees to any CG project. Fleshy, ball-like and green to yellow fruits mature in late summer. Plants Kits include the free Laubwerk Player that brings the 3D trees to life. Javascript needs to be activated.

Here are a few examples of the variety:. Enhanced usability via buttons for switching between viewport modes. Medium-sized evergreen, coniferous tree with a usually pyramidal to rounded open crown of irregular branches. Creamy white, bell-shaped, and fragrant flowers in late spring. Philip Paar, founding ppants of Laubwerk GmbH, explains that Plants Kit 2 comes with useful tree shapes and species for temperate climates.

German software start-up Laubwerk announces the release of their second collection plsnts render-ready, realistic 3D trees designed specifically for CG artists and architects, Laubwerk Plants Kit 2.

Plants Kit 10 is a selection of both popular and colorful temperate deciduous trees mainly from Northeastern America and East Asia planted in parks, gardens, or streets including excellent specimen trees laubwdrk wonderful floral display such as the Yoshino cherry, and Voss's laburnum golden rain tree or large, broad-ovate leaved trees such as the foxglove tree 'Lilacina', and Southern catalpa or the London plane tree.

Large tree laubwrrk an oval or round crown shape. Crushed leaves lemon scented, hence the botanical name. Small, compact, evergreen, understory palm with a compact shape and slender solitary or clustered, cane-like stems.

Poants seeds are black and quite thickened. Free Updates Laubwerk products are constantly being updated with laubwerl latest technology. Red Maple Acer rubrum A medium to large size tree with loose habit and fresh green or pale green foliage.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Matt Guetta — 3D architectural blog in French. A compact landscape tree that produces masses of tiny, double rose and scarlet flowers in tight clusters along the branches in late spring.

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