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As per my understandinh when Thakorji give darshan to any jeev his dosh are automatically nutralise. I have never forgotten Thakorji …… Now to clarify some of your points let us start with this. Can you distinguish between the first part and the second part. Does Nirnaayak play the match, or does he get involved in the main play?

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On aagna of Shri Rukminiji she has also composed a kirtan on Sharad Nisha. Now kindly clarify this JJ: Do you think that Bhram is going to correct us? Please be constructive in your arguments…. Bharoso Dradh in Charanan Kero………………. You have taken Samarpan and sharnaagati with ref. Dungersinh Bhatia 9 years. Kindly explain the difference between two.

Nirnaayak in a cricket match. Again here Sharnagati and samarpan comes with respect to umpire or guru as per my understanding You also said until jeev purifies itself it is not possible for the jeev to get prabhu as jeev is full of dosh and prabhu is Nir Dosh.

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Shri Krishnadasji does darshan of a Gopi who is in coversation with another Gopi who converse about an Adbhut Hori Khel Leela of Shri Thakurji and the further description is as follows……….

Jaidevlalji bavashri 9 years. Then why are u taking Samarpan and sharnaagati with ref. In one of the reply, j.

Then tell me why Thakorji said to first get Sharan of Shri Goosaiji? Jaidev Goswami 9 kirtann. He is still going to generate new dosh inspite of doing regular Bhagvat Seva. So, Samarpan and Sharnagati must be towards Thakurji.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Subscribe to this blog. With whose aagna this Marg was evolved?

Thanks for the comments. Jaidevlalji bavashri 8 years. My question to JJ was 1. So, Samarpan and Sharnaagati must be towards whom? But without the Nirnaayak match is not possible. Thanks for your comments. What does this signify: Sodas Granth ma Shri Mahaprabujui mukhya 4 vastu batavi.

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Vipul bhai, this is the answer to your query: You can also subscribe without commenting. Why cant we give due respect to these very Pillars, who has drawn a line to our way of pustimargiya life. So, it is totally between Jeev and Thakurji. We know the only one who is samarthyavan for dooing this is nun other then Shri Vallabhkool.

I have never forgotten Thakorji …… Now to clarify some of your points let us start with this. When we go to Dntist to cure the pain, the Dentist will ask us to follow all the instruction for curing the tooth.


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