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Is there a way to make Rebug or any other Last Post By: I would suggest to install multiman, you can keep gaia if you want 4. Love the note about testing and the risks involved with flashing CFW.

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March 27, at 3: Still not finding what you're togero for? With an account ban you can just create a new account, but with a console ban it gets more difficult since you would need to find some working console ID and spoof it. August 2, at Use the form below to search the site: Originally Posted by MannyMania. How to install Rogero 4.

Rogero CFW 4.55 v 1.00b (The original and The Best)

May 23, at 8: Read about them now! Check out our Developer bios, too!

Log in or Sign up. Will my older games still work with Rogero 4.

Any possibility that there will be a 4. February 16, at 9: Cant say, as most users here only use Rogero and sometimes Habib.


Is there a way to make Rebug or any other Last Post By: March 27, at Subscribe to our Daily Digest! May 23, rotero August 14, at 6: Written by Tech84 on February 16, I need some help on how to get the psx emulator working in retro.

But the question I meant to ask is if I install this and I decide I like the cfw with cobra better can I retract same way I put in or do I have to just backwards it to 3,55 that's my real question,.

July 25, at 6: By realth on Feb 15, at 7: I am planning to modifies PlayStation utility discs and broadband discs.

how do i change from rogero 4.55 to Habib

Where is the news source? GamerzHell Dec 9, I won't be able to support this rogerl closely but i'm sure that many friends and moderators will be present to answer all users questions. August 7, at 1: I do mind what so ever helping anyone.

Or will this brick the ps3 system. Did you tried the one from Youtube Show more: September 13, at 2: March 4, at I actually enjoy it but the answer to this question is right in the release notes plain as day.

Now to play the new games what should i need to do?


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