Al maktab al shamila

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Click on the book or books you want to import, and drag it over to the bottom list. Extract the content of the zip file. May Allah absorbed you in Jannatul Firdaous. Plzzz help me about this…….

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It is worse than downloading it directly from a link. Brother there should be no need for WinRAR. I downloaded the file but i have nothing to open it with, what do i need to download to open it?

This version is only books. As for Nokia devices I am not sure. Notify me of new comments via email. When you download the update file, you have to put it in the directory where you have the main files and folders of your Shamila.

matkab Nashrudin Ahmad I am not aware of any version being available for Windows Phone. Brother this has been discussed in previous comments, so please refer to them.

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Search for it and you should be able to find it. Can I install it on Nokia Lumia? I have upgraded my shamela from 3. Nashrudin Ahmad I am not aware of a version of the Shamila for Lumia. Dear Admin Assalamu Alaikum, I was looking for this, Alhamdulillah I got it, but thing is I need English version of this site to understand it properly,Would you help me please?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You can try looking for your desired book in.

You can prevent it from annoying you by adding the shamela. Cant open it even though it shows the version to be 3. Whenever I download a book from the Shamela website I can only open up the file on its own rather than in the Shamela program.

I need to learn arabic. Assalamu Alaikum, how many books available on shamela, i download and upgraded but there are only books contained, please tell me about actual quantity.

download shamila – Islamic Library

Visit the page http: Assalamu Alaikum I just download the full thing, but when I open it, nothing seems to be working. For this reason, I believe that you may have a problem with your system language settings of your computer. Then restart your computer. You can try the steps mentioned at this link to correct that: Asslamu alaikum Brother, i want to know about the minimum configuration for my computer to run this software.

It seems that I need more time to download certain packages so I will give you the suggestion and you try it: Many attempts have been made to solve this issue, and as a shamilw you have Wine i.

Maktaba Shamila

Maybe you can ask for help about it from the shamela. Bridging the Gap The Digital Orientalist. Salam Dear Admin i have a windows rt 8 how can i install Shamilah library in my pc becoz Shamilah app is not avleble in windws 8 store plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz say what can i do…???

They have mentioned on their website that they are working on it. This is the download link for the Shamila: I hope u will be xhamila by the grace of God… I have shamila after install i cant open…but 1file show crpt.


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