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Buy on Rentafont Buy on Buy on. The digraph is known as Cyrillic " uk ", and today's Cyrillic letter u originates from its simplified form. Buy font Izhitsa Regular. To download free fonts you need to log in.

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The basic distinction rule is simple: Izhitsa is still in use in the Church Slavonic language.

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Handwritten izhtsa, displayPoluustavscriptcalligraphic Izhitsa was designed at Polygraphmash type design bureau in by Svetlana Yermolaeva. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Copy to another project Move to other project Delete from the project. HandwrittendisplayPoluustavscriptcalligraphic.

Logo pair with Rutenia Italic. Snow and Winter Sports day.

LogoHeaderInitial caps Information type: In older Serbian books, kendema most often looked like two dots trema or might even be replaced by a surrogate combination of aspiration and acute. Intro Rust G Base2 1. This article needs additional citations for verification. Buy on Rentafont Buy on Buy on. Not to be confused with V.

Izhitsa was designed at Polygraphmash type design bureau in by Svetlana Yermolaeva. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. MatureSenior Gender: The Cyrillic letter izhitsa was also used historically in certain loanwords in the Cyrillic script version of Aleut.

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In the Russian languagethe use of izhitsa became progressively rarer during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Facebook Twitter Livejournal Pinterest.

The orthographic reforms of — do not mention the letter at all, [ citation needed ] and so the letter died out without any formal act. Message to support Share your opinion. Intro Script R H2 Base 1. If you don't have an account, register now. In Russian typography, the capital form of izhitsa has traditionally been used instead of the Roman numeral V; this tradition survived several decades longer than izhitsa as a letter of the alphabet.

Theoretically, the izhitsa could be revived and used for any of dozens of Russian words derived from Greek which contains upsilon: The quick brown fox jumps over the Based on Kirillitsainspired by typographic poluustav of the Printing Office of the Russian Empire Academy of Science late 19th century.

Intro Head R Base 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Izhitsa Cyrillic

The numeral value of Cyrillic izhitsa is Alexander TarbeevSvetlana Ermolaeva. Shadow style was added by Alexander Tarbeev in Rus'RussiaSlavsGreeceUkraine. LogoHeaderInitial caps.


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