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Such rules shall not contradict nor nullify any of the provisions of this Code. If for any case different sections of this Code provide different specifications for materials, methods of design or construction, or other requirements, the most restrictive specification shall govern. Drawing Sizes for Permit Applications Size mm Notation ISO Standard x A0 A 1 x A 2 x A 3 x A 4 x Operation and Maintenance of Utility Services The government may undertake works for operation, maintenance, development or execution of any of the following utility services without requiring obtaining permit from the Building Official. The Authority may fix and re-fix from time to time application fees for issuance of permits for all works under the provisions of this Code.

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Bangladesh National Building Code

Permits and Inspections Chapter 3 3. Part 2 Administration and Enforcement BNBC FINAL DRAFTPart 2 Administration and Enforcement f require the owner of an existing or under construction high risk building, having major impacts on public safety for inhabitants within and near the building, to bnbd out review of design and construction by licensed professionals acceptable to the Authority.

To enhance readability, Depletion of energy resources and environmental changes many figures of the previous version of the code have been is a bnhc concern worldwide. Same as Building Official.

Bangladesh National Building Code-2015

You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! I deeply appreciate liquefaction potential of soils.

Nafizur Rahman Department of Bjbc Ar. In urban areas this type of structure is expected various recognized codes and standards in the present to find application in high rise construction. The drawings shall have any of the sizes specified in the Table 2. The clear cde room between the finished floor surface and the finished ceiling surface or the underside of the joists or beams, whichever is lower.

Syed Fakhrul Ameen Prof. Finished ground level of a plot. Mohammed Kabirul Islam Prof.

Approval of work or construction as a result of such inspection shall not be interpreted to be an approval of a violation of the provisions of this Code or of bnbv ordinances of the jurisdiction.

Validity of Permits from the Date of Issuance The validity of permits for different purposes from the date of issuance shall be as follows: They will be in the pay-roll of the office they will be serving and will be treated as on deputation to BBRA. The set of plans, design and specifications of a building submitted to the Authority as per provision of this Code and duly approved and sanctioned by the Authority.

Fire Protection Convener Mr. The elevation of the centre line of any road or street which a plot fronts. A floor of a building more than 50 percent of which is situated at a depth of 1m or more below crown of the main entry road.

If the building or premises is unoccupied, the Building Official shall first make a reasonable effort to locate the owner or any other person having charge or control of the building or premises and request entry.

All devices, equipment and safeguards installed as per the requirements of this Code shall bnb maintained in conformity with the edition of the Code under which installed. In such cases the Building Official shall notify the owner in writing of such an order by showing the reason for the order, and the conditions under which the cited work will be permitted to resume.


A person having a postgraduate degree in engineering geology and having 2 years experience in geotechnical exploration and interpretation. Monsur Ali Sarani, Kakrail, Dhaka. Public Works Department Engr.

Bangladesh National Building Code

Words used in the singular include the plural and the words used in the plural include the singular. The policy makers, practice covering all aspects of planning, design and therefore felt the urgency of updating the BNBC to construction of buildings, including the service facilities make its contents time worthy and also to bring it under provided in them such as electrical, mechanical, sanitary strict legal coverage to make its provisions binding to all and other services, be followed to ensure safety, involved in the planning, design, construction and use.

By the power given by the Act, the specializing in the relevant disciplines to ensure safety and Government of Bangladesh has promulgated regulations comfort of the users of the buildings. OWNER OF A The person, organization or agency at whose expenses the building is constructed and who BUILDING has the legal right over the land on which it is constructed or one who has the right to transfer the same and includes his or her heirs, assignees and legal representatives, and a mortgagee in possession.

Buildings constructed in connection with these services shall conform to the specifications of this Code. Among the members there will be one civil engineer as specified in Sec 2.

Bangladesh National Building Code BNBC PDF English ~ Compliance Solution Desk

In case of any conflict between a general requirement and a specific requirement, the specific requirement shall be applicable. Test shall be performed by an agency approved by BO. Munaz Ahmed Noor Prof. To be declared by the government as and when necessary 2.


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