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System manufacturers dKart Navigator offers several baselines, specialized for the main types of ships and different in functionality and price. The program continuously controls its own operating stability. When connecting ARPA radar made by tracking of targets on an electronic map. The program operates with electronic charts of the following formats: Nav Development Co Navigation Software.

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Using the form, you can easily find the required certificate of approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping:.

Calculation and display of the circulation path of a vessel. An object is a single instance of an item belonging in an object class. Each object is defined by two blocks of information — spatial and feature. Each object belongs to an object class. Display of a 3D-model of a vector chart with account of the measured depths data.

Win Block utility may be supplied within the installation navigaator on the user demand. If you use monolingual either English or Russian Windows version, the program language will correspond to that of the operational system in use.

Nav Development Co Navigation Software. As you press Close button, the program restarts within the time specified in the window or does not restart in case its operational state has become stabilized.

If dKart Navigator has Survey real time module, the high precision mode is the main mode, activated automatically on the program startup. Calculation and display of the trajectory of the future maneuvre with acquisition of a target point considering maneuvering characteristics of the vessel.

dKart Navigator

With this function you may add one more decimal position to coordinate and distances dkarr. If the program is installed as an upgrade of a previous version and supposed to be used with the eToken for that version, reregister the license navigatro the program as described in this Appendix below.

Spatial information describes the geographical position of an object. With appropriate radar equipment, dKart Navigator can use primary radar information to provide the necessary data navigator.

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An object class comprises items or objects with common main characteristics, such as: In combination with a positioning system GPS or otherENC systems support computer analysis of navigational situation, as well as generation of warnings and alarms, thus contributing to the safety of navigation.

In this case it is recommended to send the report to mail navdk. The concept of objects and attributes makes it possible to use electronic chart data sets in computer applications which can analyze the momentary navigational situation, predict a future situation, and generate warnings to guide the mariner in avoiding dangers.

Each basic version can be specifically tailored to suit the customer's requirements by incorporating additional functions options. Nav Development Co Navigation Software. The program operates with electronic charts of the following formats: It belongs to a class of pacemaker and is the basis for the establishment of monitoring the fleet, as well as an effective way to visualize the contents of the database on an electronic map.

Raster chart displayed in a stereographic projection. Feature information describes its attributes. The purpose of dKart Fishing Pro dKart Fishing Pro is the electronic chart system; specialized software system for marine navigational purposes.

dKart Navigator

An electronic chart consists of objects. Display of the measured depths on a chart. Calculation and display of the seabed profile between the given points based on a 3D-model of a vector chart. A pre-defined area of a chart can be printed dkaet including user layer and external database objects in it.

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Planning hydrographic surveys and pre-processing of bathymetric data. To activate this feature: The program restarts as soon as you press Restart button. Display of a 3D-model of a vector chart.


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